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  • 澳洲三大IT移民专业如何评估,以及认证要求
Release Date:2018-09-10 10:10

针对当前的三大热门技术移民职业中的两个ICT职业:ICT Business and System Analysts 和 Software and Applications Programmers,很多同学可能会混淆。究竟我目前专业读的属于哪个?Information System是不是就等同于ICT Business and System Analysts,让我们接下来一一作答。首先我们来看下这两个职业认证机构ACS对它们的认证要求


首先,ACS针对我们留学生申请者来说,学历必须到达到Australian Bachelor Degree or higher 并且是 ICT Major。其次,要求我们的学习内容Closely related to the nominated occupation。下文会对此做出解释。最后,也是我们熟知的一年工作经历或者职业年PY。接下来我们就要开始解释你的学历怎么样才算 Closely related to the nominated occupation这也能回答很多同学的问题。我的专业应该属于哪个职业认证?IS这个专业是否就是ICT Business and System Analysts?首先我们来看下ACS怎么定义Closely related的标准的

  1. 对于申请者在澳洲本科或本科以上所取得的ICT major的qualification,申请者需要满足在他所有的所选ICT学科中65%的ICT学科和被提名的职业要求相关。
  2. 对于申请者的工作经验,申请者需要满足他的工作推荐信中所列出65%的工作职责和被提名的职业要求相关。

注意:ACS不是单纯看你的专业和你的公司,你的选课和工作内容都是认证的标准。热门IT类移民专业要求ACS审批的移民提名职业共有三类,分别为:ICT Business and Systems Analysts、Software and Applications Programmers、Computer Network Professionals。每个提名职业又细分为具体职业。下表将会列出每个技术移民提名职业的专业要求。ACS将会通过这些专业要求来判定你所选专业是否与提名职业Closely related。注:以下要求只列举的核心的ICT课程要求,附加课程要求的完整表单可以咨询专业顾问。 2611 – ICT Business and System AnalystsICT Business and System Analysis有两个具体职业,它们的专业要求如下所示:Description of Closely Related Core ICT Units:

  1. Business Information Systems
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Business Process Reengineering
  4. Business System planning
  5. Enterprise architecture
  6. Expert Systems
  7. Information System Management
  8. Information Systems, Management Information Systems
  9. Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design
  10. Requirements gathering
  11. Software Engineering
  12. Systems Analysis and Design
  13. System Development
  14. System Integration
  15. System Modeling
  16. UML
  17. User Requirements Definition

261111ICT Business AnalystsIdentifies and communicates with users to formulate and produce a requirements specification to create system andsoftware solutions.261112Systems AnalystsEvaluates processes and methods used in existing ICT systems, proposes modifications, additional system componentsor new systems to meet user needs as expressed in specifications and other documentation. 2613 – Software and Applications ProgrammersSoftware and Applications Programmers有三个具体职业,它们的专业要求如下:Description of Closely Related Core ICT Units:

  1. Algorithm design and development
  2. Compilers
  3. Data structures
  4. Formal languages
  5. Human Computer Interaction
  6. Object Oriented Programming
  7. Operating systems
  8. Programming
  9. Software Engineering
  10. Systems Programming
  11. Testing strategies and methods

261311Analyst ProgrammerAnalyses user needs, produces requirements documentation and system plans, and encodes, tests, debugs, maintainsand documents programs and applications261312Developer ProgrammerInterprets specifications, technical designs and flow charts, builds, maintains and modifies the code for softwareapplications, constructs technical specifications from a business functional model, and tests and writes technicaldocumentation261313Software EngineerDesigns, develops, modifies, documents, tests, implements, installs and supports software applications and systems. 2631 – Computer Network Professionals目前,在SOL清单上Computer Network Professionals的职业提名只有一个。它的专业要求如下:Description of Closely Related Core ICT Units:

  1. Computer Communication
  2. Computer Network Design
  3. Computer Network management
  4. Computer Network programming
  5. Computer Network protocols
  6. Data communications – (WAN, LAN)
  7. Distributed Computing
  8. Mobile technologies
  9. Operating systems
  10. Systems Software
  11. Wireless technologies

263111Computer Network and Systems EngineerPlans, develops, deploys, tests and optimizes network and system services, taking responsibility for configurationmanagement and overall operational readiness of network systems, especially environments with multiple operatingsystems and configurations, and provides troubleshooting and fault-finding services for network problems.

  • ICT Business and Systems Analysts 2611
  • Software and Applications Programmers 2613
  • Computer Network Professionals 2631