Property Valuation for Immigration Purpose/Overseas Tax Declaration

Property valuation for immigration purpose is involved in the process of investor or skills immigration when the receiving country requires the applicants to provide proof of real estate to ensure that the applicants have certain financial strength and can create social wealth for it.

How to let the receiving country know the value of the real estate of an immigrant applicant? A property ownership certificate and a land certificate do not suffice, because it is difficult for the immigration bureau of the receiving country to have an accurate understanding of the real estate market in other countries. Therefore, it requires the applicant to deliver a rational property valuation report in line with the domestic market conditions that is issued by qualified professional property appraisal agency.

For new migrants, a property valuation report from a professional appraisal agency is necessary in declaration of overseas assets, so as to prove the legitimate source of funds or use it as a deduction basis for calculating capital appreciation when the property is sold in the future. For tax residents, a retrospective property valuation report from a professional appraisal agency is also needed as a deduction basis for the calculation of capital appreciation when selling their domestic assets.

We have provided valuation services for countless immigrants and people overseas since the establishment of the company. The real estate valuation reports from us have been accepted and recognized by the governments, consulates, tax bureaus and other related institutions in popular countries and regions for immigration including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and EU countries (such as Ireland, Malta, etc.).